Arranged By Don Barrett (BMI)
Originally Commissioned By Spring H.S. — Gabriel Muriella/Terri Risinger, Directors.
"Fly To Paradise" By Eric Whitacre. Copyright © 2013. All Rights Reserved.
"Symphony Fantastique" By Hector Berlioz. P.D. in the USA. This arrangement © 2016 Shivachevo Music (BMI). All Rights Reserved.
"Venus As A Boy" By Björk Gudmundsdottir. Copyright © 1993 Polygram Music Publishing Limited. All Rights Reserved. Universal Music Publishing Limited. All Rights Reserved.
"Divertimento For Band" By Vincent Persichetti. ©1953 Oliver Ditson Co. All Rights Reserved.  

Grade: Medium-Advanced
Winds and Full Percussion
Total Duration: 7:32

All works listed above are fully owned by their respective copyright owners.
No separate licensing agreement required for compositions by Don Barrett. 

Arduous |ˈärjo͞oəs| involving or requiring strenuous effort.

The old English folk tale "Jack and the Beanstalk" gets reconstructed in this contemporary telling of the boy versus the giant. The classic themes of Berlioz and Persichetti lay the foundation while modern sounds of Eric Whitacre and Bjork Guðmundsdóttir illustrate a futuristic version of the "land high in the sky".


I. Magic Beans

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II. Paradise

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III. The Giant Awakens

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