Arranged By Donald Hill (ASCAP) / Percussion By Don Barrett (BMI)
Originally Commissioned By Summit H.S. — Christopher Kanicki, Director.
"Music For Prague" By Karl Husa. Copyright © 1969 Associated Music Publishers, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
"Liturgical Dances" By David Holsinger. Copyright © 1984 by Southern Music Company. International Copyright Secured. All Rights Reserved.
"Tristan and Yvaine" By Ilan Eshkeri. Copyright © 2007 International Copyright Secured. All Rights Reserved.

Grade: Medium-Advanced
Winds and Full Percussion
Total Duration: 6:34

All works listed above are fully owned by their respective copyright owners.
No separate licensing agreement required for compositions by Donald Hill. 

Postulation |ˌpäsCHəˈlāSH(ə)n| a thing suggested or assumed as true as the basis for reasoning, discussion, or belief.

What if Plato was not just a teacher, or a thinker, or a philosopher? What if the lure of his lectures was stronger and more undeniable than the sounds of the mythological sirens. In this production, Plato plays the captor and freedom from his cerebral hold comes only upon self-discovery and the formation of one's own ideology.


I. Act One

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II. Act Two

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III. Act Three

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