Arranged By Don Barrett (BMI)
State Championship Production.
Originally Commissioned By Western H.S. — Brian Caldwell, Director.
Music By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
This arrangement © 2012 Shivachevo Music (BMI). All Rights Reserved.

Grade: Medium-Advanced
Winds And Full Percussion
Total Duration: 7:59 

Finality |fīˈnalədēfəˈnalədē| An action or event that ends something irreversibly.

This production includes a beautifully crafted field rendition of Mozart's Requiem.  The Lacrimosa is at the heart of this ceremonial presentation that culminates in a ritualistic sacrifice at the show's end. The music is relentlessly faithful to the original but willfully possesses a contemporary elegance and sophistication.


I. Part One

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II. Part Two

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III. Part Three

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