Arranged By Don Barrett (BMI)
Originally Commissioned By Centennial H.S. — Joseph Flores, Director.
"The Firebird" by Igor Stravinsky. P.D. In The U.S.A.
“Symphony No. 5 - Romanza” By Ralph Vaughan Williams. ©1946 Oxford University Press. All Rights Reserved.

All works listed above are fully owned by their respective copyright owners.

Grade: Medium-Advanced
Winds and Full Percussion
Total Duration: 7:22

Path |paTH| the course or direction in which a person or thing is moving.

The captivating and unprecedented integration of two celebrated classics sets the stage for the lead visual character as she attempts to travel safely from one end of "The Line" to the other. Stravinsky's "The Firebird" delivers the obstacles while Vaughan William's omnipresent "Romanza" portrays the compassionate and encouraging escort.


I. Inception

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II. Determination

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III. Endurance

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IV. Terminus

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