Arranged By Don Barrett (BMI)
State Championship Production.
Originally Commissioned By Zionsville H.S. — Tom Landrum, Director.
“Fly To Paradise” By Eric Whitacre. © 2013. All Rights Reserved.
“Gloria” By John Rutter. © 1976 Oxford University Press. All Rights Reserved.
“Main Title – From To Kill A Mockingbird” By Elmer Bernstein. © 1962 USI A Music Publishing. Copyright Renewed. All Rights Controlled And Administered By Universal Music Corp. All Rights Reserved.

Grade: Medium
Winds and Full Percussion
Total Duration: 7:51

All works listed above are fully owned by their respective copyright owners.
No separate licensing agreement required for compositions by Don Barrett. 

Radiance |ˈrādēəns| light as emitted or reflected by something.

The gorgeous music of Whitacre, Bernstein, and Rutter shines in this powerful display of optimism, beauty and reverence. Light and its abundant rays are the central characters and the discovery of what they have to offer is both empowering and triumphant.


I. Fly

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II. Open Skies

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III. Starlight

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IV. Paradise

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