Composed by Don Barrett (BMI)
Originally Commissioned By Greenwood H.S. — John Morse, Director.
©2015 Shivachevo Music (BMI)
With "Bastille" By Dan Smith. © 2011 Bastille Music Ltd. Universal Music Publishing. All Rights Reserved.

Separate licensing permission is required.

Grade: Medium-Advanced (Open Class Movement)
Total Duration: 5:02

Ruination |ˌro͞oəˈnāSHən| the state of being ruined.

It was business as usual for the villagers living among the Roman settlement of Pompeii until that earth-shaking moment when Mount Vesuvius violently erupted and forever sealed the fate of so many lives. In this production, blissful melodies are interrupted by suspenseful quakes until the historic event gives rise to a tragedy frozen in time.


I. Prosperity

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II. Restless Night

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III. Eruption

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