How To Purchase A Score

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Combinations or Individual Movements

Although each Sunset Scores production was originally created for a specific thematic concept, individual movements can be combined from different productions to forge a new show; or may be purchased separately.

What Is Included With Each Purchase

  • * Notation Files (Finale, Sibelius and Music XML)
    [Note: Notation files are provided upon request for use in making minor adjustments to the score. All structural changes may be discussed with the composer]
  • Score PDFs (Full Score, Wind Score, and **Percussion Score)
  • Individual Part PDFs
  • MIDI Mockup MP3s (Full Ensemble, Full Ensemble with Click Track, and **Percussion Only) Narration and Sound FX (Upon Request and Additional Agreement)

* Finale or Sibelius files are designated by production. Music XML files are provided for conversion purposes.
** When available. Several productions do not include orchestration for percussion.

Exclusivity and Regional Protection

Every effort will be made to ensure that exclusivity is provided within a primary circuit (regardless of class). If there is potential for scheduling conflicts within a primary circuit, a Sunset Scores production will only be sold to the earliest purchaser. [Bands of America exclusivity by class is also guaranteed].


Original compositions of Sunset Scores require no additional licensing fees. However, arrangements of pre-existing music (non-Public Domain) will require the security of all necessary copyright clearances, performance and other rights.[Assistance is available upon request].


Prices for a Sunset Scores production range from $1,000-$3,500, and are contingent upon the production, the complexity of the material and the depth of the orchestration. Customized orchestration or structural changes may be discussed with the composer and may require an additional agreement and fee.

Contract and Payment

Before a purchase is complete, a Sunset Scores contract is drafted containing the price, the legal elements of each production and payment requirements. Once a contract is signed and returned, a secured deposit will initiate the sequence of music delivery.